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Castlemarket Street Event

A stylish and successful event was organised by Irish fashion designer Helen McAlinden at No. 6 Castlemarket Street Dublin 2 on October 27th 2010. In support of the Hoopoe Bird Foundation, No. 6 presented an intimate champagne reception and exclusive sale of luxury goods direct from the Middle East. From the ancient home of sensual and exotic art was an array of precious gems, gorgeous perfumes and lavish home textiles. All proceeds of this one-off sale were for to the Hoopoe Bird Foundation. The evening also showcased a capsule collection from Helen’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection.

Irish artist Marty Kelly donated a percentage of recent exhibition sales to the Foundation. See “Marty Kelly's expressionistic figurative work has been concerned with 'communicating a sense of calm through ethereal contemplative forms and symbols of escapism'. Throughout the years, Kelly has continued to tackle intangible notions with an inordinate insight and sensitivity, giving them meaningful form through his uniquely singular vision. His commanding understanding of colour and expressive manner have set him apart as one of the most compelling contemporary figurative artists working in Ireland today.”

Blue Leaf Gallery / Artists

Irish artist Philip McFadden donated one of his iconic head sculptures to the Foundation. Inquiries are welcome. The sculpture is from his GOLD series exhibited throughout Ireland, and in this instance is related to the conflict in Palestine. The elegant bronze head, and on it a wine glass holding a bullet and coins on the eyes, is based on the idea of the Trojan Horse, offering the hand of peace. See his website

Both artists’ work can be sourced via the dynamic and imaginative Blue Leaf Gallery, 10 Marino Mart, Fairview, Dublin 3, Ireland Ph: +353 1 8333456 Fax:+353 1 8331224, whose support in facilitating these donations is greatly appreciated by the Foundation.

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