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New Developing Project

Introducing a new developing project designed by founder member Felicity Heathcote to generate income for the Foundation.

Simran Eau de Parfum (available) is named after Felicity's daughter, and evoking the spirit of East, this delicate and lovely range of Simran perfumes and oils from Arabia bring east and west together in support of the Foundations objectives.

Simran Eau de Parfum

Simran is a timeless fragrance, an exotic mix of scents and spices of Arabia.

A sensual blend of musk and rose, Simran evokes the ancient perfume trails that began centuries ago in Arabia, the birthplace of perfume. These trails stretched from the rose gardens of Persia to the old walls of Jerusalem, from the luxuriant foliage of Yemen to the vast desert plains of Saudi Arabia.

This sophisticated fragrance spans time and place by bringing together the spirit of East and West.

All the profits from this fragrance are donated to the Hoopoe Bird Foundation – an Irish charity funding humanitarian, human rights and peace projects, primarily for women and children in Palestine.

More Information

If you would like more information on purchasing quantities of Simran Eau de Parfum for retail re-sale fill in your details using the form here and we will get back to you shortly.