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Nur al-Ain Society for the Blind (Jerusalem):

Nur al Ain for the blind is a registered nonprofit society founded in Jerusalem in 2004 by a group of ambitious blind persons. Its main objectives are to offer modern services and activities to blind persons of both sexes and to all ages. The society is a focal centre for a wide range of educational cultural and rehabilitative activities that aim to develop the skills of the blind and enhance their status in all aspects of life using modern technological methods. They also run an integrational summer camp every year for blind low visioned and sighted children

Sr. Sophie’s Holy Family Orphanage (Bethlehem):

Sr. Sophie Boueri is small, frail and, more than simply tired from a difficult day, her face mirrors lifetime fatigue. She is 74. Those who have known her for many years are concerned. She looks so tired, they say. Much more so than even months ago. They worry about how much longer she can go on. She is the face of Bethlehem. Sr. Sophie operates the Holy Family Children’s Home, an orphanage for Palestine’s abandoned children and a refuge for its unwed mothers. In a land divided by racial and religious conflict, her doors are open to all because “they all are a gift from God, and who can reject such a gift? Their religion is not important.”

Schools Across Borders (Dublin, Belfast, Nablus, Jerusalem)

“Our schools programme promotes awareness, reflection and actions on the issues and realities of conflict, as experienced and expressed directly by young people. Our mission is to empower students to recognise and articulate the themes of local and global interdependence, based on our individual and collective responsibilities and roles as citizens committed to promoting universal values and rights.” —

Schools Across Borders is now in its eighth year. It works with 23 schools in Ireland, north and south and in 11 public schools in Hebron and 3 in Jerusalem. Its programme is appraised by secondary school support services in Ireland, north and south, as well as a number of Development Education practitioners.

The Ta’ayrush Community

Ta’ayush is Israelis & Palestinians striving together to end the Israeli occupation and to achieve full civil equality through daily non-violent direct-action. “Ta’ayush activity has changed tremendously since Ezra [Nawi] joined us and his influence in the improvements in the situation in the South Hebron area is enormous. Without him, for example, there would be no international activists staying permanently in one of the villages.... the school children of Tuba might still be using a very roundabout way to school, in order to avoid passing next to the violent settlers. Ezra is welcome in any Palestinian town or village, and as a result, unwelcome by the police and army .... They try to frighten him by saying that the settlers are angry and want to harm him. And now, he has been convicted on false charges. It was his word against the word of two policeman. Anat Rosenwaks (Ta’ayush Activist since 2001)

A plumber by trade, a Jew of Iraqi origin, Ezra “is.probably the most courageous person I have ever met... selfless and creative in finding ways to help the Palestinian shepherds and farmers of the South Hebron hills.... heroic in the finest sense of the word ... who puts himself at risk, even great risk, in order to do what is right in the service of those who are suffering, oppressed, and in need.” David Shulman (Renee Lang Professor of Humanistic Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; author of Dark Hope: Working for Peace in Israel and Palestine.)

Amnesty International Ireland

— AND for many other organisations and, importantly, for individuals and families in need too.

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